Lawyer for legal entitites

Lawyer in economic and tax disputes:

Representation and full jurisdiction of economic cases in economic courts of Ukraine (economic disputes);

lawPreparation and compiling all required procedural documents in accordance with the procedural law;

Claim settlement with contra-agents.

Lawyer in administrative disputes:

Advising on business protection from illegal actions of controlling bodies; representation and full jurisdiction of administrative cases in administrative courts of Ukraine (tax disputes, disputing illegal actions of controlling bodies etc.)

Lawyer in criminal process:

Representation in criminal cases of enterprise interests; providing legal assistance to corporate executives.

Legal user maintenance:


Complex legal support of enterprise activity on all legal issues, arising in the process of enterprising activity. Comprises:

Preparation of legal opinions on the issues, connected with economic and business activity of an enterprise;

Drawing up contracts, agreements, conventions, legal expertise of agreements;

Pre-trial dispute settlement;

Representation of clients’ interests in the bodies of justice of Ukraine in all spheres of Law;

Legal protection and representation of client’s professional interests and rights  in various state structures and public organizations.

Consulting services:


Auditing potential partners (identification of legal entity, his incorporation, emitents’ reports etc.)

Receiving and submitting to the client information on the discovered facts and evidences of commercial undertaking violation by partners;

Studying enterprise compatibility;

Media monitoring.