Lawyer for natural persons

Criminal defense lawyer:

Criminal law is one of the most significant and complicated law branches. When you come to our bureau, you will receive competent protection in criminal cases. Assistance will be provided at different stages of the criminal criminal_lawprocedure.

Basic areas:

Crime against a person (crime against life and health, offence against freedom, dignity and honor, sexual assault and sex freedom abuse,  crimes against constitutional rights and freedoms of a man and a citizen, crimes against a family and underage persons);

Lawyer on economic issues (crimes against property, in the sphere of economic activity etc.);

Lawyer on the issues of road safety and transport operation;

Lawyer in the sphere of computer usage (the lawyer is a certified system engineer of Microsoft);

Lawyer in the sphere of employment activity etc.

Suspect’s interest protection is provided within all the prejudicial inquiry, during the investigative activities: interrogations, confrontments, crime re-enactment etc. Defense includes visits of a defendant in the pre-trial detention center; preparation and submitting various petitions; disputing the imposed pre-trial restraint; developing a line and certain tactics of defense; collection of various materials which characterize as a person both the suspect and the injured person; studying the materials of the criminal case etc.; standing for the interests in courts of the first, appeal and cassation courts.


We provide legal support to natural persons (as a rule, officials of economic entities) during tax check-ups, as well as disputes with other controlling bodies (providing legal assistance when making clarifications, during witness interrogations, rights protection in court, conducting cases of all categories and execution of judgments, pre-trial disputes solving.

Civil practice lawyer:


Providing full set of services in the sphere of domestic relations, personal and property-based, which appear in the course of marriage, relation etc.

Reinstatement of employment, salary payment and other services, connected with Labor Law;

Debt collection, property liabilities; inheritance.

Representation in court.


Lawyer in administrative legal proceedings:


representation and full jurisdiction of administrative affairs in administrative courts of Ukraine (disputing illegal actions of state bodies etc.)

Lawyer in case of administrative offense:


Countermand of protocols on administrative offenses via the court (Road Police, protection of consumer rights, various inspections and other state bodies).