State Bureau of Investigation. The rights of workers competence of the Bureau.

“On the State Bureau of Investigation,” the President signed the Law of Ukraine. Here are basic, in my view, the features of the law that will be interesting especially for ordinary citizens.

Thus, the State Bureau of Investigation is the central body of executive authority responsible for law enforcement in the prevention, detection, suppression, disclosure and investigation of crimes falling within its jurisdiction. State Bureau of Investigation has been involved in the prevention, detection, suppression, disclosure and investigation:
1) offenses associated with organized criminal groups and organizations;

2) cases of torture and other crimes related to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment committed by law enforcement officials;

3) very serious violent crimes, for which the Criminal Code prescribes a penalty of life imprisonment;

4) war crimes;


5) the crimes committed by officials, occupy a special position of responsibility in accordance with the first paragraph of Article 9 of the Law of Ukraine “On civil service”, officials whose posts are assigned to the first – the third categories of positions of public service, judges and law enforcement officials (unless, when these crimes detectives assigned to the jurisdiction of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine);
6) the crimes committed by officials of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, prosecutors Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (except in cases where pre-trial investigation of crimes related to the investigative jurisdiction of the detectives division of internal control of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine).

Authorised officers of the Bureau of a person to perform tasks assigned to them have the right to:

1) to carry out overt and covert operative-investigative, investigative and secret investigations;

2) obtain free of charge upon written request the necessary information concerning criminal offenses, are in the production of the National Bureau of Investigation;

3) to take measures to stop the natural and legal persons of wrongful acts that impede the implementation of the powers of the State Bureau of Investigation, check in connection with the identification documents;

4) to photograph, audio and video recording, fingerprinting of persons detained on suspicion of committing a crime, taken into custody;
5) use in urgent cases, followed by compensation of the damage, vehicles belonging to individuals and legal entities;

6) to collaborate with individuals, including on a contractual basis;

7) for the purpose of operatively-search and investigatory activity to create information systems and conduct operational accounting in the amount and manner prescribed by law;

8) in cases specified in the Act on the grounds and in the manner determined by the Law “On the national police” Ukraine, store, carry and use firearms and special means, as well as to apply physical force;

9) convene meetings, conferences and seminars and other scientific and practical activities;

10) take measures to search for and arrest of funds and other property that may be subject to confiscation or special confiscation of criminal offenses falling within the jurisdiction of the State Bureau of Investigation, to carry out activities of storage facilities and other property has been seized.

Very interesting article of the law governing the acceptance of applications for criminal offenses.

So, for applications and for the criminal offenses of messages related to the jurisdiction of the State Bureau of Investigation, created a special phone line, and it is possible to supply such statements and messages, including, without specifying the name, surname, patronymic (names) of the victim or the applicant through the official website of the National Bureau of Investigation and electronic means of communication.

All derived from statements and reports, as well as found other sources of information about the circumstances, which may indicate a criminal offense, shall be entered in the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations in accordance with the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine.

Statements or reports of criminal offenses, which do not contain full name (title) of the victim or the applicant shall be considered provided that the relevant information relates to a specific person or contains evidence of a serious or especially serious crime, which can be verified.

Supervision of compliance with the laws of the State Bureau of Investigation during operatively-search activity and carries out pre-trial investigation the Prosecutor General of Ukraine directly and through authorized prosecutor.