The rights and benefits for the participants ATO (anti-terrorist operation.)

In this publication I would like to highlight the basic rights and benefits that are members of ATO and guaranteed by our government. On the Internet you can find plenty of information on this subject, but I will try as briefly indicate what kind of rights and privileges, and basic regulations.
So start with the Law of Ukraine “On the status of war veterans, guarantees of their social protection”. According to Art. 6 of the said Act, to persons belonging to the combatants are persons who defended the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and took part in anti-terrorist operations … Thus, these persons are entitled to benefits provided to combatants.

The list of exemptions specified in Art. 12 of the Act, namely:

1) obtaining free medicines, medical products, immunological products and medical products prescribed by doctors;

2) priority free prosthetic dentistry (except prosthetics with precious metals);


Legislation for the participants ATO
3) providing free health-resort treatment or compensation value independent of spa treatments. The order granting vouchers, the amount and order payment of compensation the cost of self-spa treatment determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;

4) 75 percent discount payment for use housing (rent) within the standards required by law (21 sq. Meters of housing area for each person resident in a dwelling (house) and is entitled to a fee, and additional 10.5 sq. meters per family);

5) 75 percent discount fees for utility services (gas, electricity and other services) and balloon liquefied gas for domestic use within average consumption rates.

Area housing to which a discount, in the calculation of heating is 21 square meters. meter of heated area for each person resident in a dwelling (house) and is entitled to a fee, and an additional 10.5 square meters. meters per family.

For families consisting only of disabled persons shall be granted 75 percent discount for the use of gas for heating homes to double the size of the regulatory heated area (42 sq. Meters per person is entitled to a fee, and 21 sq. Meter to seven Interview)

6) 75-percent off the cost of fuel, including liquid within the norms established for sale to the public, for those who live in homes that do not have central heating;

7) free travel with all kinds of public passenger transport by road public transport in rural areas, as well as rail and water transport buses and suburban commuter and intercity routes, including vnutrirayonnyh, inner and interregional regardless of distance and place of residence;

8) use at retirement (regardless of the time of retirement) or changing workplace clinics and hospitals to which they were attached on a previous job;

9) annual medical examination and clinical examination involving the necessary specialists;

10) primary care in medical institutions, pharmacies and primary hospitalization;

11) payment of temporary disability of 100 percent of the average wage regardless of length of service;

12) using regular annual leave at a convenient time for them, as well as obtaining additional leave without pay for up to two weeks a year;

13) the preferential right to remain at work while reducing the number of staff or due to changes in production and labor and employment in the event of liquidation, institution or organization;

14) providing primary living space of people who need better housing, and priority allocation of land plots for individual housing construction, horticulture and gardening, primary repair of houses and flats these people and provide them with fuel.

Combatants who were injured, injury or concussion while participating in combat or while performing military duties, provided living space, including through the living area, passed ministries and other central executive authorities, enterprises, institutions and organizations in order local councils and administrations – within two years after taking on the housing register.

15) obtaining loans for the construction, reconstruction or major repairs of residential buildings and homestead buildings, joining them to the utilities, communications, and loans for construction or purchase of country houses and landscaping gardens maturing for 10 years starting from the fifth year after construction. These loans are available in the manner determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;

16), co-operatives for the construction and operation of collective garages, parking for vehicles and their maintenance to gardening companies, the purchase of materials for the construction of individual houses and garden;

17) free travel once every two years (there and back) railway, water, air or intercity road, regardless of rail traffic, or travel once a year (there and back) of the means of transport with a 50 percent discount;

18) the payment of taxes, duties and other payments to the budget in accordance with the tax and customs legislation

(For confirmation of the status of persons who are directly involved in anti-terrorist operations, to use tax benefits to military collection) ↓.
According to the decree of the Cabinet of 30 December 2015 g. N 1161, qualifying as persons who are directly involved in anti-terrorist operations, to use tax benefits to military collection is based on extracts from the orders of the head of the Anti-Terrorist Centre of the Security Service or the person who deputy, first deputy or deputy head of the Anti-Terrorist Centre of the security Service of involvement of such persons to conduct anti-terrorist operations and orders of operations staff to manage counterterrorist operation on arrival (departure) of such persons in (a) of the capabilities that are directly involved in counter-terrorism operatsiyi.Zaznacheni documents commanders (chiefs) of military units (agencies, departments), heads of agencies, organizations and enterprises, which include serving or working individuals who are directly involved in anti-terrorist operations, submit to the accounting department for settlement);

19) the extraordinary use of all communication services and extraordinary installation concessional apartment phones (payment of 20 per cent of the tariff value of fixed interest and 50 – additional work). Subscription fees for telephone set at 50 per cent of the approved tariffs;

20) primary service enterprises, institutions and organizations of consumer service, catering, housing and communal services, long-distance transport;

21) turn placement to institutions of social protection, as well as maintenance services, social protection at home. Failure to exercise such care institutions Social Welfare reimbursed the costs associated with caring for this veteran of the war, in the manner and extent established by legislation;

22) combatants in other states are entitled to non-competitive introduction to higher education institutions and preferential right to join the vocational schools and courses to obtain relevant professions.

Privileges on payment for housing, utilities and fuel, referred to in paragraphs 4 – 6 of this Article, provided combatants and their families who reside with them, regardless of the type of housing or form of ownership.

Area housing, which charged 75 percent discount fee provided for in paragraphs 4 and 5 of this Article shall be determined as far as possible the amount within the total area of ​​the dwelling (house) under the rules of use (consumption) established these points, regardless of the presence of family members of persons who are not eligible for the discount fee. If family members are persons who are entitled to a fee in an amount less than the 75 percent originally estimated at the maximum possible rate of 75-percent discount on fees.

Combatants pension or a monthly lifetime allowance or state social assistance paid in lieu of pensions, rising to 25 per cent of the subsistence minimum for persons unable to work.

Annually by May 5, combatants paid one-time allowance in the amount determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine within the budget allocations set by the State Budget of Ukraine.

According to Art. 8 of the Law of Ukraine “On social and legal protection of servicemen and their families,” the stay of citizens of Ukraine in the military is credited to their length of service, seniority, length of service in the specialty, as well as length of service. Time passing military service counted towards length of service, entitlement to a pension on age on favorable terms, if at the time of the call to military service person trained in the specialty. Time of military personnel in a particular period is declared under the Law of Ukraine “On Defense of Ukraine”, credited to their seniority, length of service, seniority in the specialty, as well as length of service on preferential terms in the manner determined by the Cabinet Ministers of Ukraine.

According to Art. 18 of the law, family members of conscripts have a preferential right in hiring and to remain at work while reducing the number or state employees, as well as priority directions for training, advanced training and retraining of the separation of production and payment for the period of the average salary. Wives (husbands) of military personnel, except conscripts, paid for the job allowance in the amount of average monthly salary at termination of their employment contract due to the transfer of her husband (wife) to serve in another area. The temporary disability paid medical certificate wives (husbands) of military personnel at a rate of 100 percent of the average salary regardless of length of service. Wives (husbands) of military personnel, except for conscripts, the total length of service required for a pension at age counted stay with her husband (wife) in areas where there were no job opportunities in the specialty, but not more than 10 years.

According to Sec. 1 item 1 CMU “On establishing a monthly targeted assistance to the state pension war invalids and participants of combat operations” dated 28 July 2010 g. N 656, found that from January 1, 2012 war invalids and combatants, whose monthly pension benefits (including bonuses, promotions, additional pension, the target cash assistance amounts indexation and other additional payments to pensions, the legislation, except for pensions for special merits before Ukraine) does not reach a disabled veterans group I – 285 percent of the subsistence minimum for individuals which incapacitated, II group – 255, III group – 225 combatants – 165 percent, paid monthly government targeted assistance to the pension in the amount missing to the specified dimensions.

According to Art. 1 of the Law of Ukraine “On improving the material conditions of combatants and war invalids” as from 1 May 2004, provide for a monthly payment of targeted financial assistance for living:

disabled veterans group I in the amount of USD 70;

disabled veterans II and III groups of 50 hryvnia combatants of 40 hryvnia, regardless of the size of pensions and allowances, promotions, additional pension, the target cash benefits and pensions for special merits before Ukraine.

Land allocation to participants ATO.
Participants ATO can get land under the current Land Code of Ukraine. Special law on this point. But there is a response and attitude of the state, based on the fact that these lands provide priority. In accordance with Articles 118,121-122 Land Code of Ukraine, citizens of Ukraine have the right to free transfer of land plots of state or municipal property in these sizes:

Information request

for farming – in the amount of land (share), determined for members of agricultural enterprises located in the village, town or city council, where the farm. If the territory of village, town and city council are a few farms, the size of land share (unit) is defined as the average of these enterprises. In the absence of agricultural enterprises on the territory of the council size of the land share (unit) is defined as the average for the area;

b) for subsidiary farming – no more than 2.0 hectares;

c) for gardening – no more than 0.12 hectares;

d) for construction and maintenance of residential homes, commercial buildings (homestead section) in the villages – no more than 0.25 hectares in the villages – no more than 0.15 hectares in urban areas – no more than 0.10 hectares;

e) for an individual country construction – no more than 0.10 hectares;

f) for the construction of individual garages – no more than 0.01 hectares.

The size of land transferred free citizen for subsidiary farming may be extended for an in situ (on site) land (share).
The size of land that is transmitted free citizen in the property due to the entry into ownership of the residential house can not be less than the maximum size of land appropriate purpose, installed the first part of this article (except if the amount of land on which the house is less).
Citizens interested in obtaining donated to the ownership of land plots from state or municipal property for farming, subsidiary farming, gardening, construction and maintenance of residential homes, commercial buildings and structures (infield), individual country construction, construction of individual garages within the limits of free privatization submit a request to the relevant executive authority or local authority, which transmits land state or municipal ownership in the property in accordance with the powers defined in Article 122 of the Land Code. The petition shall indicate the purpose of the land and its approximate size.

A petition attached graphics, which indicated the desired location of the land, approval of the land user (in case of withdrawal of land that is in the use of others) and documents proving experience in agriculture or the presence of education received in the agricultural school (in the case of land for farming). You must also add a document certifying participation in the ATO.